About Us

ConcentIT is an information technology consulting firm that started its activities in 2021 and provides its customers SAP consultancy

We, as ConcentIT, help companies to solve the most complex problems they face by providing them with a deep industry knowledge and comprehensive and necessary competencies. Our strong problem-solving skills have paved the way for us to have a say in the industry in a very short time.

Today, ConcentIT provides on-site SAP support and project delivery for different regions of the world.

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Why Should You Work with Us?

An Accurate Solution

Our goal is to provide the most accurate solution to our customers. In this context, we mainly aim to ensure you receive the best and most accurate support during the transition processes

Professional Customer Support

We offer services at the L1, L2, and L3 levels for the best support

Satisfaction Guarantee

By establishing business partnerships with the most competent consultants in the sector in the case of existing possible major challenges, we keep the quality and satisfaction at the highest level for our customers


We are clear about our talents, strengths, and focal points. We do not undertake commitments that we won't be able to fulfill.


We work with experienced consultants and support them to deliver the best output.

Personalized Approach

It is our priority to comprehend the distinctive needs of our customers and provide them with customized solutions accordingly.

We Solve Your Problems

SAP Training

We provide early adaptation and give our customers all the necessary training.

Flexible Workforce

We have the flexibility to strengthen our project teams according to needs.

SAP Oriented ERP Application

While supporting SAP customers, we are moving forward by adapting emerging ERP solutions to offer the best options.

Flexible Commitment / Contract Model

We can tailor our consulting services to the budget and complexity of the project.


Thanks to the business competencies of our expert consultants, we develop, adapt and manage SAP solutions for companies in nearly 30 countries