Material Management (MM)

MM (Material Management), one of the fundamental modules of SAP, is a module that provides companies with material, inventory, and warehouse management capabilities. The main goal of MCC is to ensure that materials are always kept in stock in appropriate quantities and there are no shortages or gaps in the organization’s supply chain.

1- Control your inventory more efficiently: The MM module improves inventory control and ensures inventories to be managed correctly.

2- Prevent the accumulation of your stocks: Thanks to this module, you can reduce or even eliminate your stock accumulation. Thus, you can avoid unnecessary stock in your business.

3- Reduce your labor costs and optimize the number of employees: The SAP MM module reduces labor costs and maximizes the number of employees so that businesses can operate more efficiently.

4- Secure significant reductions in manufacturing cycle times: MM module, which shortens manufacturing cycle times in your business, thus increases production speed.

5 – Do not store unwanted products, save costs: SAP MM module saves costs without storing unwanted products. Thus, businesses can operate more efficiently.

6 – Shorten product delivery times: By adapting the MM module to your company, you can shorten your product delivery times and increase customer satisfaction.

7 – Improve the transparency of your inventory management: The SAP MM module improves the transparency of inventory management. Thus, businesses can better manage their inventory.

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