Management Accounting and Control (CO)

Thanks to cost accounting in the CO (Controlling) module, one of the main modules of SAP, you can see your profit-loss situation via costs, report costs, and control them over these reports. The main benefits of the CO module for its customers, which operates in integration with many modules of SAP, are as follows:


1- It enables you to control and optimize costs: You can report, analyze, and control costs through the CO module. Thus, it becomes possible to increase productivity and optimize costs.

2- It facilitates your decision-making process: Thanks to performance analysis, the CO module helps the management level for the decision-making process. You can make the right decision with the accurate data.

3- You can plan your budgets efficiently: You can carry out the budget planning stages more effectively and automate these processes thanks to the CO module.

4- You can effectively share your data: Like all other main SAP modules, the CO module also operates in integration with all SAP modules. Thanks to this integration, you can share the company’s internal and external data more effectively and quickly.

Thanks to the business competencies of our expert consultants, we develop, adapt and manage SAP solutions for companies in nearly 30 countries.

Main Components:

The CO module at the center of the control function has seven interconnected sub-modules:

  • Product Costing,
  • Overhead Control,
  • Expense and Income Type Accounting,
  • Profit Center,
  • Profitability Analysis,
  • Cost Center Accounting,
  • Internal Orders Accounting

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