Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM)

You can also control your financial risks more effectively through the FSCM (Financial Supply Chain Management) module, which is used to manage cash flow and procurement processes. By adapting the FSCM module to your company, you can achieve the following benefits

1- Estimate and manage your cash needs: With the FSCM module, you can determine the cash amount you need most accurately.

2 – Figure out your customers’ credit risks: Identify the credit risks of your customers accurately and manage their credit risk limits.

3 – Improve your collection processes: By regularizing your receivables, you can progress your collection processes most efficiently.

4 – Ensure the standardization of your processes:Ensure the standardization of your processes: You can manage your customers more efficiently by dividing them into different segments and groups, and you can improve your operations through a certain standard.

Thanks to the business competencies of our expert consultants, we develop, adapt and manage SAP solutions for companies in nearly 30 countries.

Sub Models:

The main sub-modules that enable SAP FSCM to work more efficiently are as follows:

  • Collection management,
  • Cash management and forecasting,
  • Customer credit risk limit management,
  • money markets instruments management.

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