Financal Accounting (FI)

SAP’ın en önemli modüllerinden biri olan FI (Financial Accounting) modulü, şirketinizin tüm finansal işlemlerini etkin ve verimli bir şekilde yönetmenizi sağlayarak size şu avantajları sunar:

1 – Record your data in real-time: Thanks to the SAP FI module, you can record all financial data of your company and relevant documents in real-time.

2 – Get continuous access to your data: You can easily access all your data and documents recorded in real-time whenever you want through the SAP interface
3 – Use the power of reporting: You can easily create the reports you need for all the data and records you keep on the FI.
4 – Integrate with all processes: SAP has a perfect harmony between all its modules. Thus, you can integrate your financial accounting module with many SAP modules such as MM, SD, and CO most accurately.

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Main Components:

The main components of the FI module, which focuses on accounting transactions, are as follows:


  • General Accounting
  • Vendor Accounting
  • Customer Accounting

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