Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)

SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) is an SAP module that automates warehouse procedures without third-party integration and integrates them into the system simultaneously. The benefits in case of adapting the EWM module to your company are as follows:

1 – Secure more efficient task management: SAP EWM optimizes warehouse tasks by using algorithms and determining the most efficient task completion method. Thus, employees fulfill their tasks using a particular area and do not have to follow the same path constantly.

2 – Manage your resources more easily: EWM requires minimal integration with the back office. When the task is completed, employees are automatically assigned the next one. Thus, employees can constantly focus on their work instead of leaving for new ones.

3 – Perform scan tasks faster: Thanks to its advanced scanning capabilities, EWM saves time when selecting products from stock boxes. You can set up the system to require only one scan, unlike typical warehouse systems requiring multiple scan processes to select the product.

4 – Calculate your costs: Do you need to change your warehouse production processes? EWM can easily manage cost changes and allows the retailer to generate an invoice by calculating the cost of additional resource needs.

5 – Manage your stocks faster and more efficiently: Thanks to its shelf arrangement and rearrangement capabilities, EWM allows fast, slow, and medium-moving stocks to be processed. In other words, you can categorize a fast-moving product in the slow-moving category depending on your need for the next period. EWM automatically detects these products and accelerates the process by communicating the decision on what to do to the work management module within the system.

Through these advantages, the SAP EWM module enables warehouse operations to be managed more effectively, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

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